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Our Clinic

  • At PodMed Podiatry Centre our staff stand by our commitment to ensure that each and every patient is provided with an outstanding level of Podiatric service at every opportunity. We will strive to educate and encourage you to realize your goals within the frameworks of foot health, lifestyle and general well being.

    Your Podiatrist is University qualified and extensively trained in all aspects of foot and leg health. Your Podiatrist has completed a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine or International equivalent. In addition we have an ongoing commitment to professional development, membership of the Australian Podiatry Association and registration with the NSW Podiatry (Chiropody) Board.

  • This electronic system enables us to finalize your private health insurance rebate on the spot. You no longer have to make a separate trip to your health insurer to claim your rebate.
  • Complimentary Reminder Service
    The staff at PodMED Podiatry Centre are happy to provide all of our clients with our complimentary telephone or e-mail reminder service the day prior to all Podiatry appointments (in addition to our reminder cards). We are proud to be able to provide a reminder service for our clients.
  • Wheelchair access
    Wheelchair access is available via our portable ramp. Please advise our staff prior to your appointment if you require wheelchair access.
  • After Hours Emergency
    An after hours emergency service is available to all our clients. Phone: 0438 800 179. If you are unable to speak with a Podiatrist directly please contact your G.P or nearest emergency department.

Sam Christie

Principal Senior Podiatrist and owner of PodMed Podiatry Centre

Sam has been an Accredited Podiatrist since 2002, following completion of a B.Sc. Podiatry at the University of South Australia. His passion for sports medicine and health care was ignited while training for international competitions at the Australian Institute of Sport. Sam is a clinical podiatrist, specialising in lower limb biomechanics and postural alignment, sports injuries of the lower limb and children’s podiatry. Sam has a very strong commitment to patient education and involving patients in their health care. He is driven by finding solutions to patient health problems; no challenge is too great or too small. Sam is a Member of the Australian Podiatry Association and of Sports Medicine Australia, and he is also an on-call Podiatrist to St. Vincent's Private Hospital.

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